Kadri HUNT (EE)

Kadri Hunt is a singer and choir conductor, whose main focus lies in historical music and Estonian folk hymns, but also in contemporary choir and children’s music. She is the chief conductor of the children’s and girls’ choirs of the Estonian Radio and the St Michael’s Boys’ Choir, and sings in the Gregorian chant ensemble Vox Clamantis and the sacred music group Heinavanker. Kadri Hunt is also active as a composer and an arranger. She has recorded more than 30 CD-s and has made recordings for several European radios.

Leading the following workshop in EUROPA CANTAT Pécs:

Kadri HUNT (EE)
The Nordic-Baltic countries have a rich tradition of great folksongs, full of emotion and clear-cut beauty. A repertoire you should surely sing in your own choir too!
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Status: Full
Length: 4b
final performance: Saturday 01 August
Age: 10-14
Category: children
Commissioned piece: Tõnis KAUMANN (EE)
Start date of atelier: Monday 27 July
09:30 - 12:30
Working with Children 1: Choral Singing in Schools and Motivating Children
Kadri HUNT (EE)

Children usually come to choir rehearsals after long schooldays. So the first task of the conductor is to draw the attention of the tired young singers, to „wake them up“, to motivate. During this lecture I will suggest some possibilities of trying some new approaches to make the choir rehearsals „fresh“. Could we encourage the singers to use their phantasy there, perhaps to combine the use of the voice with physical movements or make use of instruments that our singers might study? Let us try to phantasize and play with music together!

Leader of CCP sessions:
Kadri HUNT Short bio
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
12:00 - 13:00
Programme type: lecture