Festival song - Sing, sing!

We have commissioned Szabolcs Balásy, a young conductor and composer from Pécs to write a new song for the festival. We made a video for the song, which aims to present that EUROPA CANTAT is open for everyone, for every age, every genre and style. We hope that you will feel the CANTAT ryhtm and start to clap your hands or even start to dance!

Composer and concept: Szabolcs Balásy
Camera: Prodart Movie Ltd.
Editors: Ádám Halmos, Dániel Hetesi, Szilárd Hetesi
Sound engineers: Krisztián Horváth, László Dobos

Campanella Children Choir -conductor: Tamás Schóber
Bartók Béla Girl's Choir - conductor: Bernadett Rózsa
Voisingers - conductor: Szabolcs Balásy
Vivat Bacchus ensemble
Lajos Bergics - double bass
Vivien Gráf - singer 
Mithad Mutapcic - cajon
Tamás Lakner - violin
Sámuel Kőszegi aka Toci - beatbox
Márton Tóth - dancer

New and creative ideas wanted!

We want to inspire all singers, choirs, conductors and composers all over the world to be brave and creative to rethink our video and song. Make your own version and share it with us! To make your job easier download the music sheets of the song here, or watch the  tutorial videos about the games in the upcoming days on our websitebelow. If you have any questions do not hesitate contact us on!