Open Singing

During the festival there will be daily Open Singing events for everyone to join in the Dóm Square. All the pieces to be sung will be included in the Festival Songbook, compiled especially for the occasion. Michael Gohl (CH) – a world known leader of Open Singings – will lead the events together with the Pécs University Choir and other invited ensembles and guest conductors.

torino open singing

What is Open Singing?

Open Singing is a communal singing event when EVERYBODY is invited to sing. It is neither a choral rehearsal nor a choral concert in the strictest sense, but rather an “open” event in which anyone can join without any conditions, just for the pleasure of common singing.

At the other hand you can see Open Singing as well as a concert as a rehearsal: Open Singing will open up new worlds of music, take you deep into the music and make you an active part of the musical experience.

Led by a professional, Open Singing aims to provide both an intensive musical experience and a personal experience of musical success.*


* Michael Gohl in "Sing along - Sing mit! Das Chor und Liederbuch zum Offenen Singen" by Edition C.F. Peters

The G Conductors‘ and composers’ programme will include a 4-day-Masterclass on Open Singing with Michael Gohl (25-28/7/2015) for selected participants upon application.
You can read more details about the Masterclass here.


Open singing conducted by Michael Gohl in the Choralies festival