Practical information

Registration form for student dormitories

Festival accommodation is offered for participants with arrival on 24.07. (with a minimum stay of 5 nights) or 28.07. (for the 4-day Part b ateliers, with a stay of 5 nights)

You will need accommodation until at least the night after the performance of your atelier and the number of nights booked must correspond to the number of days of participation (see above – a 4-day-participation means 5 nights of accommodation, a 5-day-participation means 6 nights of accommodation etc.)

The festival offers the following accommodation options:

  • student apartment, breakfast included
    renovated apartments with two rooms of 2 or 3 beds each, sharing one bathroom
  • hotels, breakfast included
    3star hotels and good level 2star hotels in the city centre

A certain amount of single rooms will be available for extra costs. Accommodation must be ordered at registration. Alternatively, you can organise your own accommodation. If you prefer to stay in an apartment (where no breakfast is provided) you will be able to make your personal selection from a list of trusted partners to be published on our website and book the apartment yourself.

Costs of accommodation



 **The fee depends on your country of residence. To find out which country group you belong to, check Country Groups menu or contact us!




Breakfast will be provided at your accommodation. You can order festival lunch and dinner according to your needs. Lunch will be served in a univer­sity mensa near to your workshop (you cannot choose your lunch restaurant yourself!), dinner will be served in a cen­tral catering tent in the heart of the city centre, in order to reach the evening programs easily. Meals must be ordered at registration and changes will not be possible after 15.05.2015. Alternatively, you can organise your own meals.


Costs of festival meals



 **The fee depends on your country of residence. To find out which country group you belong to, check Country Groups menu or contact us!