Cantat Spirit


The EUROPA CANTAT Pécs 2015 Nonprofit Ltd, KÓTA - National Association of Hungarian Choirs and Orchestras and the Association of Choirs of the City of Szeged  created a national consortium called "Cantat Spirit" and applied for funds in the first round of the Erasmus + funding programmes. The aim of the consortium is to support with joint forces the opening of Hungarian choral movement towards international cooperations and to introduce Hungarian choirs to international networks through European mobility programs.

The Cantat Spirit project was inspired by the EUROPA CANTAT International Choral Festival to be organized in the city of Pécs, in Hungary in 2015.  The aim of the consortium is to prepare Hungarian choral actors to benefit from possibilities of this festival and to connect Hungarian choral professionals with international networks.

Cantat Spirit was selected as one of the 8 winning projects to be supported out of 60 applicants.

As firts results the Cantat Spirit project will contribute to the development of foreign language capabilities of the participants, their international network will open up, they will learn new pedagogical and project management methods. In the long term these inspirational mobilities will motivate participants to support their colleagues in the Hungarian choral scene and develop new international cooperation projects.

We will report here about the progress of the project.