Cantat Spirit

The VoiSingers is a group of young people who are at the age between 18 and 40.
It's a choir that stands for the new musical style of choir music and they set an aim on making choral music popular expecially among young people. In their repertoire there are musical settings of pop music, soundtracks and traditional Hungarian masterpiece of course (Kodály, Bartók, Durufle, Gasparini, King's Singers, Enya, Toto, Karl Jenkins, R. Kelly, Sting, Coldplay, Queen, PhilCollins, Christina Aguilera, Whitacre, …).
In 2013 a small group of the choir had the opportunity to travel to Lebanon and participate in the musical gathering, Voices in Harmony.‏Music is joyance, emotions that we want to share with the audiance through the songs we sing.‏

They should be familiar to you, because they were the models of our promo pictures!