Practical information
Fee calculator

You can plan your costs related to the festival with the help of the Fee calculator below.

Fill in the calculator following the steps below:

1. Add the number of days you wish to participate
2. Add how many participants are direct-, indirect- or non-member of ECA-EC
3. Add for how many nights you wish to book accommodation
4. Add how many participants wish to stay in student apartment or hotel, eventually in single rooms
5. Add the total number of lunches and dinners you wish to order for the total number of participants (for ex.: 5 lunches for 5 participants = 25)

The calculator counts automatically with the fee of toursit tax. If any of the participants is under 18 of age during the festival, the costs of the tourist tax will not be counted during the online registration process.

Please contact us if you have any doubts regarding the participation fees and conditions!

Country, length of stay
Number of participants - Under 27 (born after August 2nd, 1988)
Number of participants - 27 or older
Number of persons in ...