Practical information
Country groups

The participation fee depends on your country of residence. 

Country group 1:

AT (Austria), AU (Australia), AW (Aruba), BE (Belgium), CA (Canada), CH (Switzerland), DE (Germany), DK (Denmark), ES (Spain with autonomous regions), FI (Finland), FR (France with all overseas departments), HK (China-Hong Kong), IE (Ireland), IL (Israel), IS (Iceland), IT (Italy with autonomous regions), JP (Japan), KP (Korea), LI (Liechtenstein), LU (Luxembourg), NL (Netherlands), NO (Norway), NZ (New Zealand), SE (Sweden), SG (Singapore), UK (United Kingdom), US (United States of America)

Country group 2:

AR (Argentina), CG (Republic of Congo), CN (China), CO (Colombia), CY (Cyprus), CZ (Czech Republic), EE (Estonia), GR (Greece), MT (Malta), PE (Peru), PL (Poland), PT (Portugal), SI (Slovenia), SK (Slovakia), TW (China-Taiwan), ZA (South Africa) and all other overseas countries not mentioned in country group 1

Country group 3:

AL (Albania), AM (Armenia), BA (Bosnia-Herzegovina), BG (Bulgaria), BY (Belarus), GE (Georgia), HR (Croatia), HU (Hungary), KZ (Kazakhstan), LT (Lithuania), LV (Latvia), MD (Moldova), MK (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), MNE (Montenegro), RO (Romania), RS (Serbia), RU (Russia), TR (Turkey), UA (Ukraine)