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Fees and discounts

Participation fees and discounts

For participation of 4 to 8 days you need to pay a fee, which includes for the days of participation all the morning activities (ateliers, discovery ateliers, special programmes), daily Open Singing, free admission to most festival concerts and reduced entrance to a few concerts with admission fee, as well as the songbook and the guide with the festival programme.
The fee depends on the length of your stay, your country of residence and your age and you can get discounts if you are a direct or indirect member of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC). Check -> Members -> How to Join to get more information regarding conditions for direct membership!
The participation fee is calculated per full day of activity, starting with morning activities and ending with evening concerts of a given day. For those arriving the day before, the afternoon and evening programmes of the arrival days (24.07. or 28.07.) are offered for free by the festival.

Participation fee for "package deals"

Hugarian participants should consult the Hungarian brochure or visit the Hungarian part of the website.


The fee also applies to conductors, composers, pianists, musicians, bus drivers, and all other accompanying people as long as they wish to use any services provided by the festival (accommodation, meals, free access to the venues of the festival which are not open to the public, etc.) and thus will need a festival badge. Children under 11 (born after 02.08.2004) will not pay a participation fee if they do not participate in an atelier or special projects (E). They have to pay for their accommodation and meals.

Children up to 6 years at the E1 musical pre-kindergarten and E2 musical kindergarten pay (regardless of membership of ECA-EC):

€20/day from Country Group 1.
€15/day from Country Group 2.
€10/day from Country Group 3.


One-day tickets

Day 1: 50€
Day 2: 35€
Day 3 and every other following days: 25 €

This price is valid for all country groups, regardless of age or ECA-EC membership.

You can book your days depending on your preferences: you can pick the dates up to your availability (so you can book a programme for 25th July, then to 28th July, etc.). The system will calculate your fees according to the number of days you selected.

You can also apply on the morning of your participation, but places will depend on pre-booked registrations.  We recommend you book before to ensure your place!

One-day tickets include – on the day for which they are bought -  participation in Discovery Ateliers or the Programme for Conductors and Composers in the morning, Open Singing, free admission to most festival concerts and free entrance to one concert with admission fee, as well as on the first day the songbook and the guide with the festival programme.
Attention, the free concert ticket will only be available if registered in advance, we will not be able to provide it on the day of the participation!

Read more about the application for One-day programmes here.


* Direct member means that a choir or an individual is a direct member of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) with seat in Bonn (please indicate your membership number in the registration process to prove your membership). The reduced participation fee will only apply if the membership fee to ECA-EC for 2015 has been paid before 31st March 2015!

Indirect members are individuals or choirs who are members of a choral organisation in the country group 1 or 2 which itself is a full paying member of ECA-EC. (e.g. Ung i Kor, A Coeur Joie, Deutscher Chorverband etc. - see list on -> Membership)

Non members are all others (to apply for membership see -> Membership -> How to join)

 **The fee depends on your country of residence. To find out which country group you belong to, check Country Groups menu or contact us!