Practical information
Who can participate in EUROPA CANTAT?

EUROPA CANTAT is a festival open to everyone: individual participants, groups, part choirs and whole choirs. We offer program for amateur and advanced level singers, we even offer programs for children, therefore a whole family can come and join musical programs. When browsing our workshop offer, check first the level: A- for everyone, B- for good sight readers and who come prepared,etc. and choose the style/repertoire/conductor according to your level. When starting your registration please pay attention that you should register as a choir if you wish to perform and give an individual concert during the festival.

I have difficulties to register online

Check the tutorial videos we created about the onlinre registration. They show the regsitration process step-by-step for individual, group and choir regsitration.

If you have questions or you need help please contact and the Festival office will find a solution and will help you.

When will EUROPA CANTAT Pécs take place?
The Pécs festival will be organised between 24 July - 2 August, 2015
How can I register to the festival?

You can register through our online registration system. Click on the green button above "Apply online" and you will be directed to the online registration page. Read through the registration conditions, then define how you wish to register (as an individual, a group or a choir), then click on "Register". Write to if you need help.

Can I come to the festival alone?
You can register to EUROPA CANTAT as an individual participant, it is not obligatory to participate with a choir. Choose "Individual singer" below the registration category on the welcome page of the registration system.
How can I travel to Pécs?

Please check our "How can I get to Pécs" section and read our traveling tips.

How can I become member of ECA-EC, the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat?

You can receive significant reductions from the participation fee, plus benefit from many other advantages by joining ECA-EC, European Choral Association - Europa Cantat. You can become a direct member, or you can be also an indirect member through your choir organization. Check the website of ECA-EC and find out about membership conditions.