Cantat Spirit
Campanella Children Choir

The Campanella Children Choir has been the beacon of the city’s choir music for almost three decades. The Nr. 1 Teacher Training Elementary School of the University of Pécs provides all the background infrastructure needed and also enjoys the support of its staff, leadership and community. The members of Campanella Children Choir are not part of a music major education but have normal or general education.

The former members of the Choir continue singing in our city’s youth and adult choirs. The children believe in the community building strength of the joint singing, the beauty of a clear voice and its personality developing effect. Throughout its existence the choir has participated in numerous domestic and international competitions, festivals promoting the works of the Hungarian composers. They have been interpreting the compositions of Bartók, Kodály, Bárdos Karai and others in  the highest level throughout the World. They toured several European countries. Their biggest success came in the summer of  2010 when as the only Hungarian choir they attended the Vi. Choir Olympics in Shaoxing China receiving a silver classification. They also sang at the World Expo in Shanghai. Their goal is not only attending competitions but also the appeasement of the public’s longing for children voice. They are frequent collaborators of university events, graduations. They are at home in almost every genre which will be presented during their introductory performance.

Tamás Schóber, conductor and composer established the choir.