Open Singing Masterclass

Application deadline: June 30th 

“Directing Open Singings is multiplied choral conducting; it is simultaneously inspiration, rehearsal and performance.” (M. Gohl)

Masterclass on Open Singing – Michael Gohl at the festival EUROPA CANTAT XIX 2015 in Pecs

Michael Gohl, internationally renowned and experienced director of Open Singings, shares his profound knowledge of planning and leading Open Singings and gives opportunity to look into the preparation and evaluation of the daily Open Singings. Participants will attend the daily rehearsals with the pilot choir and the pianist as well as attending the daily Open Singings of the festival with more than 1000 singers. Some active participants will be invited to conduct at one of the public Open Singings.


  • Differences and parallels between Open Singing, choir rehearsal and concert
  • Criteria and material for selecting an adequate repertoire
  • Methodical finesses that allow for the public's quickest musical success
  • Dealing with different settings (i.e. size of hall, type of public, accompaniment with pianist/instruments, pilot choir, etc.)

The programme is held in English.



The active participants must be well trained and experienced in choir conducting and must have well prepared the given songs scores can be downloaded from here: Some qualified conductors may get a chance to conduct a song in an Open Singing.  The active participants (max. 5) are expected to participate in the complete duration of the masterclass. They will be selected in an auditioning on the 24th July 2015.

Passive participants are practicing and prospective conductors interested in learning about the methodical finesses of quickly rehearsing choral works for 1-3 voices. The masterclass is open for passive participants at any time.


Practical information

24 July 2015: Arrival until noon

24 July 2015, 3 PM: First introductory session and audition for selecting the active participants.

25-28 July 2015: Masterclass and rehearsal of pilot choir in the morning. Participation at stage rehearsal and daily Open Singings in the afternoon and early evening.


The Masterclass is included in the Programme for Conductors and Composers of the festival EUROPA CANTAT XIX. All those applying for the Masterclass have to register for the festival and pay for a minimum of 4 days. There will be no extra fee for the Masterclass.

Those interested in being active participants in the Masterclass have to apply online as described below.
They will be auditioned on July 24th. If they are accepted as active participants, they have to participate in the Masterclass until July 28th in the evening and cannot attend any parallel programmes. It is possible, however, to register for more than 4 days and attend further activities for conductors (lectures, workshops, discovery ateliers) after July 28th. Conductors staying longer may be invited to conduct at an Open Singing in the 2nd part of the festival. Those not accepted at the audition are free to participate in the rich programme for conductors and composers of the festival, including the possibility to participate in (parts of) the masterclass as passive participants. 

Those interested in being passive participants in the Masterclass only need to register for the programme for conductors and composers of the festival for any amount of days. They will have the possibility to attend (parts of) the Masterclass as well as other offers for conductors (lectures, workshops, discovery ateliers etc.).


You can apply to the Open Singing Masterclass under the programmes for Conductors’ and Composers’. You first have to select “Programme for Conductors and Composers” as your “workshop choice”, then you will find the possibility to apply for active participation in the Open Singing Masterclass. To complete the registration you will have to upload a short CV and a video of yourself conducting or send it to or send a CD to the Festival Office:

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7621 Pécs

Application deadline: June 30th