Composers showcase

We closed the application for the Composers showcase!

For the applying composers there will be two possibilities to present their music:

a) during a 5-minute showcase, in front of an audience of conductors, publishers, music operators and other composers, organized at the beginning of every day as official part of the Programme for Conductors and Composers in a plenary session;

b) during an informal conversation, around a table at the Conductors’ and Composer’s Café, in a relaxed situation, showing scores and offering the possibility of listening to some recording to the interested audience without strict time limits. This Café will be situated in the building in which the complete Programme for Conductors and Composers will take place.

Every applying composer is invited to send some samples of his/her music (scores and/or recordings, all in digital format) to the Music Office of the Festival, to the following address: before June 30, 2015. The Music Commission of the Festival will then decide which modality of presentation is most suitable for the given composer.