Ateliers for singers

Our Music Office along with the international Music Commission and the Regional Artistic Committee has finished the atelier distribution of participants applied until the beginnig of the year 2015. We have many ateliers which are already full, but some can still welcome applicants!

The festival offers ateliers for singers lasting from 4 to 8 days of rehearsals and ending with a public concert. It is possible to combine two 4-day ateliers (part a and part b) or to stay on after your atelier, attending some of the discovery ateliers or programme for conductors and composers. Some ateliers (when it says “+1”) contain a free day for tourism (or for attending discovery ateliers or lectures) before the final concert.
Group and choir members can apply for and be divided into different ateliers.
To make your selection easy, we created a filter where you can indicate your personal preferences and quickly find the ateliers matching your criteria.