Acquiring scores for big ateliers

As a result of successful cooperation between the EUROPA CANTAT XIX Pécs 2015 international choir festival and the Editio Musica Budapest music publisher, scores for the big ateliers of the festival are available through the following page of the EMB website as of today: http://www.kotta.info/en/campaign/EC2015

The website is accessible in both English and Hungarian.


Clicking on one of the atelier titles in the list, the full repertoire of the atelier will appear: 

  • Some scores are available as printed material, these can be ordered and purchased through the online shop of EMB. The scores are sent to customers by post following advance payment. Please, read about payment conditions on the EMB website.
  • Some scores can be freely downloaded from this page as a PDF file and printed at home by the participants themselves.
  • In some cases you will find an Internet link transferring you to another website (e.g. the composer’s homepage), where you can order the score of the given piece.

Please, make sure you read carefully the comments next to the atelier repertoires or specific pieces!

The printed scores available for purchase in the online shop of EMB will also be on sale at the time of the festival at the EMB publisher booth.


ATTENTION! In the case of copyright material, it is legally forbidden to use photocopied music during the ateliers of the festival! We ask all participants to get hold of original copies before the start of the atelier!


May you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Music Coordinator, Klára Göttinger, at gottinger_musicoffice@ecpecs2015.hu.