Basic Conducting Intensive Course

Want to improve your conducting? This is the course for you!

Tim Brown, after a career in musical education and an an international career working with amateur and professional choirs, suggests in four sessions how you improve your conducting!


1 Why do we conduct? Understanding the psychology of conductors and singers; basics: how to make a choir start and stop: simple gestures

2 Practising gestures with simple music

3 Choice of repertoire: the right music for the right occasion. more gesture practice

4 Conclusions with short informal concert to conclude final session

Participants will be welcome to practise together with others in the group conducting sessions. There will also be opportunities for practical conducting alone in front of the group and all participants will be encouraged to form a choir for this purpose and for demonstration purposes.


This atelier is open to all interested, but if you wish to be considered for selection to conduct in front of the atelier choir please send a relevant C.V. Those that sign up for active participation have to attend all sessions of the course. Some active participants will be invited to conduct in the short informal concert. The course is open for passive participants at any time.


29 July - 1 August 2015 



You can apply to the Basic Conducting Intensive Course through our online registration system. You first have to select “G - Programme for Conductors and Composers” as your “workshop choice”, then you will find the possibility to apply for active participation in the Basic Conducting Intensive Course. To complete the registration you will have to upload a short CV or send it to