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Javanese Singing
Dóra GYŐRFI (HU)Sintho SOLO (ID)

Java is the main island of Indonesia. This workshop will focus on the Central-Javanese singing tradition. Javanese vocals are based on Javanese scales, more specifically the pentatonic ones, slendro and pelog. These unique scales differ from Western scales. We will also study the special vibrato so unique of Javanese singing, which follows the vibration of the instruments. Javanese vocals often use rich ornaments, but also there are songs where the importance is more on articulation of the words, on the poetry itself. We will learn some lullabies, songs for children, songs that can protect you from bad spirits and also vocals in Gamelan music.

Leader of Discovery Atelier:
Dóra GYŐRFI Short bio
Sintho SOLO Short bio
Start date of atelier: Saturday 01 August
09:30 - 12:30