Edward Torikian is a Lebanese citizen of Armenian origin. As an experienced Choir Director and with a large musicological background, he developed a style where he applies Western compositional techniques on Oriental music, while respecting its modal peculiarities and the language requirements.

He composed, orchestrated and arranged more than a hundred Arab and Armenian songs performed in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Europe and USA (especially by FAYHA Choir of  Lebanon).

Composer at the following workshop in EUROPA CANTAT Pécs:

An exciting journey along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. From the Maghreb through Catalonia to Venice, listen to the words of the poets and the music of the composers of the area in this sunny atelier.
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Status: Only few places left
Length: 5 days
final performance: Wednesday 29 July
Age: open
Category: female
Commissioned piece: Edward TORIKIAN (LE)