B21 Buchenberg: Mass with Big Band
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Matthias BECKERT (DE)

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DRESS CODE for atelier final concert: All black, appropriate dressing for an open-air concert.



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  • Wolfram Buchenberg: “Missa ad maiorem Dei gloriam” for 4-8 voice mixed choir, big band and baritone


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Wolfram Buchenberg is one of the most loved and performed contemporary composers in Germany. His peculiar style, together with his recognizable chord structures, requires high-quality performances and entails an intense emotional involvement. His ouvre is performed more and more by the most valued ensembles, such as the Bavarian Radio Choir, the MDR Radio Choir and the WDR Radio Choir.  During these days, come and enjoy together with Prof. Matthias Beckert and Wolfram Buchenberg the beautiful sound of the Mass ad maiorem Dei gloriam for 4-8 voice mixed choir, big band and baritone, which will be performed in a public concert on 30th July 2015. Step into the richly coloured world of Buchenberg's music!


"Become inspired by one of the most famous contemporary German composers and enjoy his great choral works with him together. It's a great chance for everyone to meet Wolfram Buchenberg personally in Hungary!"

/Matthias Beckert/

Atelier conductor:
Matthias BECKERT Short bio
Length: 6 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Thursday 30 July
Category: mixed
Age: open
Accompaniment: band
Commissioned piece: Wolfram BUCHENBERG (DE)