B2 Nordic-Baltic Heritage
Status: Full
Kadri HUNT (EE)

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DRESS CODE: Please, put on your own national folk costumes or anything in your national folk style. If your choir does not have anything like that, then put on a white blouse and dark skirt/trousers and add some national decoration element (a belt or ribbon in national style, etc.). 



Music scores are available for ordering/downloading at the following page on the website of Editio Music Budapest:


  • Veljo Tormis (original melody and text: Ingermanland-Finnish folksong): Roundelay / Ringmängulaul (girls' choir version in English)
  • arr. Karoliina Kreintaal / Kadri Hunt: Herding Horn Imitation
  • arr. Kadri Hunt (Livonian folksong): Pugõ, tul
  • Tõnis Kaumann: Tiritamm (commissioned piece)
  • arr. Kadri Hunt (Swedish folksong): Värmlandsvisan
  • arr. Merzi Rajala (Finnish folksong): Tula tullallaa
  • arr. Tone Ophus (Norwegian folksong): Bruremarsj fra Valsøyfjord (Bridal March from Valsøyfjord)
  • Instrumental polka (no score)





Explanation: These are not the songs of the atelier, but music and performances of Kadri Hunt, conductor/singer, leader of the atelier.



The Nordic-Baltic countries have a rich tradition of great folksongs, full of emotion and clear-cut beauty. A repertoire you should surely sing in your own choir too! Children will work with the atelier conductor and a folk violinist, singing folksong arrangements with movement. There is also a possibility to join in with an instrument – if there are violin players among choristers, who would like to make music together with an experienced folk musician, they are welcome to bring their violins and play in addition to singing. This atelier will help you not to be afraid of long texts in strange languages – we will concentrate on music and try to use international refrains as much as possible.


"Folk music is old, but not old-fashioned. On the contrary, at the „Nordic music” atelier we are going to present it in a youthful and fashionable way, at the same time showing its beauty as well as playing and having fun with it."

/Kadri HUNT/

Atelier conductor:
Kadri HUNT Short bio
Length: 4b
Start date of atelier: Wednesday 29 July
final performance: Saturday 01 August
Category: children
Age: 10-14
Accompaniment: piano, fiddle
Crossover: Movement
Commissioned piece: Tõnis KAUMANN (EE)