Karoliina Kreintaal (EE)

She is a young musician and teacher from Estonia whose main focus is on folk music.She is now doing her masters in Estonian folk music interpretation on the fiddle. Her deep interest in the traditional music of other countries has taken her to many places to examine their cultures more closely. Karoliina has studied as an exchange student at the Music Academy in Sweden as well as in Hungary. Besides studying and teaching she also performs with her folk music band "TorupilliJussi Trio".

Assistant at the following workshop in EUROPA CANTAT Pécs:

Kadri HUNT (EE)
The Nordic-Baltic countries have a rich tradition of great folksongs, full of emotion and clear-cut beauty. A repertoire you should surely sing in your own choir too!
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Status: Full
Length: 4b
final performance: Saturday 01 August
Age: 10-14
Category: children
Commissioned piece: Tõnis KAUMANN (EE)