Anne-Marie CABUT (FR)

Anne-Marie CABUT is a teacher of music and choir singing, she attends international events regularly also as guest conductor or workshop leader. She has been in charge of the children choir field within the A Cœur Joie France federation and is also the artistic director of an association of a children choirs gathering. She is highly sought-after by several organizations all over France and Europe in order to elaborate musical and pedagogical projects for children and youth choirs.

Leading the following workshop in EUROPA CANTAT Pécs:

Anne-Marie CABUT (FR)Luigi LEO (IT)
There is an endless number of songs about animals all around the world: folksongs, film music, pop songs and classical compositions. Let’s discover this repertoire together and meet music like that of The Lion King (Oroszlánkirály in Hungarian)!
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Status: Cancelled
Length: 7+1 days
final performance: Saturday 01 August
Age: 8-12
Category: children
Commissioned piece: Cyrill SCHÜRCH (CH)