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Leading the following workshop in EUROPA CANTAT Pécs:

European Award for Choral Composers Winning Compositions
Hans HELSEN (BE)Maarten van INGELGEM (DK)Henrik Colding-JØRGENSEN (DK)

The second edition of the European Award for Choral Composers was organised in 2014, with the winning compositions being presented in the Conductors' and Composers' Programme of EUROPA CANTAT XIX Festival.
“Missa Brevis” - Hans Helsen
"Fairy Ring" - Maarten Van Ingelgem
“Diptychon” - Henrik Colding-Jorgensen

Leader of CCP sessions:
Hans HELSEN Short bio
Maarten van INGELGEM Short bio
Henrik Colding-JØRGENSEN Short bio
Start date of atelier: Sunday 26 July
10:30 - 11:30
Programme type: reading session