Ambroise Kua-Nzambi TOKO (CG)

Ambroise Kua-Nzambi Toko studied music, sciences, computing, and choral conducting at A Coeur Joie. He is the director of the African Academia of Choral Music in RDC. He is also a composer, conductor, educator and art manager. He has lead more than 70 workshops, sessions and masterclasses on choral music, has directed several international performances and has participated at 26 choral festivals. He has been awarded as conductor several times.

Leading the following workshop in EUROPA CANTAT Pécs:

Ambroise Kua-Nzambi TOKO (CG)
Experience the diverse musical colours and sonorities present in traditional and contemporary African songs with all their simplicity and charm. A journey in space and time of the Black African continent. In cooperation with Africa Cantat.
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Status: Only few places left
Length: 4b
final performance: Saturday 01 August
Age: 16-27
Category: mixed youth
African Music: Its Nature and Singularities
Ambroise Kua-Nzambi TOKO (CG)

African musical art has always featured a huge diversity of styles. Very much related to traditions, community and religious practices, authentic African music is in general of circumstantial, functional and ritual essence. The approach to the work in its design, its rendering and its reception is sensual, substantialist, essentialist, contextual, sacred, upward, dynamic, functional or purely aesthetic. This is the focal point between the two approaches unique to 'Afro' including others: "the African spirit of music" and "the spirit of African music".

Leader of CCP sessions:
Ambroise Kua-Nzambi TOKO Short bio
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
10:30 - 11:30
Programme type: lecture