Alberto Grau (VE)

Distinguished composer, conductor, and teacher Alberto Grau (b. 1937) has earned a place of honor among the best contemporary venezuelan musicians. Alberto Grau is best know for his work as a choral conductor, but as a composer he has become one of the leading figures in latinamerica and many of his works have been published by Earthsongs (USA), N.J.Kjos (USA) , A Coeur Joie (France), Oxford University Press (England), GGM editors (Venezuela) and receives permanently many commissions from choirs all over the world. His books on Choral Conducting and Composition ‘The making of a conductor’ and ‘The making of the composer’ are references for young conductors and musicians.

Leading the following workshop in EUROPA CANTAT Pécs:

Composition for Children and Youth Choirs
Alberto Grau (VE)

This workshop will aim to discover my vision and way of composing for Children and Youth Choirs.
Relationship between poetry and music:
The initial creative moment of a choral composer starts with poetry, so music should be tailored to the demands of the poetic text. From this text, the composer will selected rhythms or appropriate sentences for a good final result.
Musical aspects:
-Tesituras of the voices of the choir for which the composer is writing.
- Suggest and write eurhythmic movements in the score.
- Use sound effects of contemporary music, rhythms with irregular bars, etc.

For some of the music examples of this workshop, will be presented live by the Schola Juvenil de Venezuela under the direction of Professor Luimar Arismendi.

Leader of CCP sessions:
Alberto Grau Short bio
Start date of atelier: Monday 27 July
12:00 - 13:00
Programme type: workshop