C6 Bernstein and Farkas
Status: Cancelled
Philippe FORGET (FR)Csaba SOMOS (HU)

The two conductors leading this atelier will work in partnership: they will equally share the workshop, choosing, teaching and conducting half the repertoire each, and helping each other wherever possible and needed.


Philippe Forget on Bernstein: Great music, great emotions and a real dramatic sense and world of poetry and colours. An invitation to explore one of the most beautiful choral masterworks of the last century.

Csaba Somos on Farkas: The Cantata of Farkas entitled Cantus Pannonicus sets an interesting text to music. The text was written by Janus Pannonius, a well-known Hungarian renaissance author from the 15th century. Both the music and the orchestration are extraordinary as they take us back 500 years into time. The wonderful stylized music is accompanied not only by "conventional" modern instruments, but also by mandolin or guitar amongst others. I recommend the workshop with no age limit to those, who would like to get to know this rarely played piece of music filled with Latin-Mediterranean tastes and feelings that remind us of the genuine Hungarian landscape at the same time.

Atelier conductor:
Philippe FORGET Short bio
Csaba SOMOS Short bio
Length: 8 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Saturday 01 August
Category: mixed
Age: open
Accompaniment: orchestra