B24 Sur! Pasión Latina
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Virginia BONO (AR)

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Lower part (pants or skirt) black, upper part some smooth colour. This way we manage to get some uniformity, but also to have a colourful stage.



  • Aylton Escobar (Brasil), text: Orlando de Brito: Sabiá coraçao de uma viola
  • Astor Piazzolla (Argentina), arr. Oscar Escalada: Verano porteño
  • Eugenio Inchausti (Argentina), text: Coco Dos Santos, arr. Héctor Bisso: Madre del maíz
  • Gonzalo Benítez Gómez (Ecuador), arr. Javier Zentner: Vasija de barro
  • José Antonio Rincón (Colombia-México), text: Nicolás Guillén (Cuba): Sensemayá
  • Oscar Galián (Venezuela): Salseo
  • Silvio Rodríguez (Cuba), arr. Liliana Cangiano: Locuras
  • Eduard Toppenberg (Aruba), arr. Rufo Odor: Balia di Sehú

Music scores are available for ordering/downloading at the following page on the website of Editio Musica Budapest: http://www.kotta.info/en/campaign/EC2015B24



Come and join us on a musical voyage to Latin and South America: the dances, rhythms, languages, sunshine, landscapes, tastes, emotions and above all the love of life so unique to that continent. All of this through folk and popular urban music from Argentina, Brazil and other countries.

The repertoire in these workshops includes original compositions as well as arrangements from various Latin and South American countries, from the tango and the song to the music of the Andes and the influence of ancient cultures. Different rhythms, typical genres, vocal versions of instrumental music (such as Piazzolla’s tangos and even some salsa), in other words the sunny flavour of South America.
It is my wish that while everybody enjoys the music of this continent, that everybody will also reflect and perhaps even understand what lies behind this musical journey through all these magical lands.  

"From Pecs to Buenos Aires, Río de Janeiro, Quito and Caracas, Virginia Bono is your guide on this musical voyage to South America and its warm swaying seductive music."

/Virginia Bono/

Atelier conductor:
Virginia BONO Short bio
Length: 5 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Wednesday 29 July
Category: mixed
Age: open