B23 Five Days That Changed The World
Status: Full
Assistant: Victoria Ely (AUS)

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DRESS CODE: It is entirely your choice!  You could wear what you would normally wear to perform in – this means that you would all be dressed differently, but this will be nice, won't it?



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  • Bob Chilcott: Five Days That Changed The World
  • Henryk Górecki: Totus Tuus
  • Veljo Tormis: Pärismaalase lauluke / An Aboriginal Song




The conductor has selected three works that focus on historical events, some of them significant days or periods of time and others, which highlight inventions that have changed our day-to-day lives.  Five days that changed the world was composed for a Europa Cantat event in the UK in 2013, and highlights five significant dates in history which have made an impact on our lives today – the abolition of slavery, the creation of the printing press.  The work will be learned alongside other pieces on historic themes – Veljo Tormis’ Tabu, written as a protest piece against oppression, and Henryk Górecki’s Totus Tuus, composed to celebrate the pilgrimage of Pope St John Paul II to his native Poland in 1987.  Singers will learn these three works over the week, exploring the importance of the text on the style of writing.  Working together, we will learn to sing as a blended group.


“Charles Bennett wrote some very moving poems about five important events which really have changed the world, which I set to music – I would love you to join me in its first Hungarian performance.”

/Bob Chilchott/

Atelier conductor:
Bob CHILCOTT Short bio
Assistant: Victoria Ely (AUS)
Length: 6 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Thursday 30 July
Category: mixed
Age: open