B10 The Latin Jazz Mass
Status: Cancelled
Oskar EGLE (AT)

The Latin Jazz Mass can be utilized in the liturgy in multifaceted ways. As a cohesive sacred work it is also ideally suited for use in concerts.

The music is inspired by different rhythms and styles like salsa, samba, bossa nova, rumba, tango, gospel, funk and pop ballads. The audience is usually greatly fond of the wonderful melodies, the harmonies, the improvisational elements, the solos, the variety of choral and instrumental writing.

All these we will follow in the atelier. Together with the composer, Martin Völlinger at the piano we will work out this Latin Jazz Mass.


Content (parts of the mass):

Opening (instrumental) – Kyrie – Gloria – Psalm and Hallelujah – Laudato si, mi Signore – Sanctus-Benedictus – We proclaim your death – Our Father – Agnus Dei – Lord, I am not worthy – Ave Maria – I looked up – Peace, I give to you – Sing the song of gladness to our God





"Everyone who loves to sing in a choir has to come to Europa Cantat 2015 because the selection of workshops is great. 

To sing in this atelier "LATIN JAZZ MASS"  is a wounderful opportunity to sing a powerful and spirited music with choir friends from all over the world."

/Oskar EGLE/

Atelier conductor:
Oskar EGLE Short bio
Length: 7 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Friday 31 July
Category: mixed youth
Age: 16-27
Accompaniment: band
Crossover: Dance
Commissioned piece: Martin Völlinger (DE)