The EUROPA CANTAT XIX Pécs 2015 festival offer a wide range of professional programs for those who love choral singing!

The 40 long ateliers (4,5,6,7 and 8 day long) the 42 one day long Discovery Ateliers, and the Conductors' and Composers' Program with it's seminars, reading sessions, workshops, lectures and round-table discussions are welcoming everybody!

The Ateliers for singers submenu contains a filter where you can indicate your personal preferences and quickly find the long ateliers matching your criteria.

The Discovery Ateliers submenu will show all those one day long ateliers, where you can explore special aspects of vocal and choral music with different styles and types of repertoire. 

The Conductors' and Composers' Programme is offering a full curriculum for the whole length of the festival: warm-ups, seminars, reading sessions, workshops, lectures and round-table discussions and the Composers showcase.