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Body Percussion for Singers
Richard FILZ (AT)

Body Percussion, that is music and rhythm with your body, and the combination of voice and body percussion are the focus of this active workshop with bestseller author Richard Filz. Step by step the different body percussion sounds will be introduced, tried out and combined to rhythms from Rock to Samba. The mucial highlight is the application of the new material as canons, rhythmical and as song accompaniment. Additionally you will get tips how you can incorporate body percussion in your daily choral work and how every singer can benefit from the new abilities.
Contents: Rhythm Start-Ups, Body Percussion-Sounds, Body Percussion-Rhythms, Canons, Rhythmicals, Song accompaniment

Leader of Discovery Atelier:
Richard FILZ Short bio
Start date of atelier: Sunday 26 July
09:30 - 12:30