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Choir blend workshop with the Nederlands Kamerkoor
Nederlands Kamerkoor (NL)

In this workshop, we explore the many aspects concerned with creating a good harmony together. How is it possible that a diversity of voices can sound as one? The collective resonance is one of the most important reasons why a choir does or does not sound well together. How do you reach this? What do you need as an individual and how does this work in the whole of a choir or voice group? When does your voice connect to other voices, and how receptive can you be for the sound of your fellow singers? How do you experience harmony in space, where does the sound come together? This workshop tries to answer all of these questions by working on breathing, resonance, overtones, space, energy and focus. We use exercises and simple music to come to maximum blending in breathing, sound, interpretation and energy in a short timeframe. Bring a good understanding of the English language and, more importantly: an open mind!

Leader of Discovery Atelier:
Nederlands Kamerkoor Short bio
Start date of atelier: Tuesday 28 July
09:30 - 12:30