C5 Kodály: Missa brevis
Status: Only few places left
Péter ERDEI (HU)

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Ladies: Any plain colour (monocolour) top (short sleeve!) and long black skirt, black shoes. Black folder for the music score!
Men: Long sleeve black shirt (without a tie) and black trousers, black shoes. Black folder for the music score!



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  • Kodály Zoltán: Missa brevis



Kodály’s Missa Brevis is one of the most outstanding pieces of the 20th century European choral  literature. Everyone – in search of heartfelt, heart-rendering melodies or unexpectedly stirring drama – can take delight in performing this magnificent piece. It is demanding music yet it brings joy and satisfaction to both the performer and the listener.

The six movements of the piece (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei) are all unique in character, organically built, and an extraordinary expression of the dialogue between choir and organ. As regards the musical material of the Mass one can equally detect reminiscences of the strict composing discipline of Early music as well as melodic simplicity inherent in Hungarian folksong. The sound of sparkling joy is just as much present in it as that of mourning or benign prayer. Kodály's deep religious belief, his desire for peace, his hope and love for human beings radiate through his music. This was especially important at the time when Missa Brevis was premiered in Budapest, in the early spring of 1945, the last depressing days of the war – exactly 70 years ago!

Since then, the piece has taken the most notable concert halls around the world by storm. Let us hope the performance in Pécs will yet again not miss its spellbinding impact.

Atelier conductor:
Péter ERDEI Short bio
Length: 7 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Friday 31 July
Category: mixed
Age: open
Accompaniment: organ