C3 Memory of Love
Status: Cancelled

Romanticism, extremity, passion. An atelier for ladies who are ready to abandon themselves to different emotions and are curious how the longing, the jealousy, the disillusionment, the rage or the pain can be expressed by the help of the human voice. Besides the works of German Romanticism, the pieces by Miklós Kocsár – an illustrious representative of the 20th-century Hungarian vocal music – will serve as fellow-traveller for this 'emotional-journey'.


REPERTOIRE – a list of pieces (not final yet!) from which the final repertoire of the atelier will be chosen

  1. Joseph Rheinberger: Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen, op.35 (How lovely are thy dwellings)
  2. Robert Schumann, op.69 No.1 – Tamburinschlägerin
  3. Robert Schumann, op.69 No.4 – Soldatenbraut
  4. Robert Schumann, op. 69 No.6 – Die Capelle  
  5. Miklós Kocsár: Három nőikar (3 Female Choruses on Poems by László Nagy)
    • Nr.1 Szerelem emléke (Memory of Love)
    • Nr.2 Ábránd (Illusion)
    • Nr.3 Ó, havas erdő némasága (Oh, the stillness of snowy forest)




Atelier conductor:
Borbála SZIRÁNYI Short bio
Length: 7 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Friday 31 July
Category: female
Age: open