C2 Orbán: Mass No. 6.
Status: Full
Zsuzsanna GRÁF (HU)

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  • Orbán György: Mass No. 6. for 2-6 voices



In 1997, the Angelica Girls' Choir led by Zsuzsanna Gráf, an excellent pianist herself, commissioned György Orbán (*1947) to compose something especially for them. That is how the uplifting music of the Gloria was created for the young female voices and for a virtuoso piano accompaniment. The piece soon became the absolute highlight not only of their concert tour in the US, but of all Angelica concerts. The conductor then asked Orbán to "taylor the coat to the button" – that is to complete the Mass with further movements. However, since it is not common to have a piano available in churches, this piece is more often performed in concert halls than in liturgical services.

The four parts of the Mass reflect on different mementos of music history: the piano accompaniment of the Kyrie recalls the Fountains of Villa d’Este by Liszt, the cheerful rhythmic drive of the Gloria brings to mind Orff’s Carmina Burana and the world of light chansons. The Sanctus, especially the Benedictus part and also the Agnus Dei, are fundamentally Baroque in style.

Orbán believes that choral music should be made extremely colourful – that is why he consciously creates and organizes the Mass around polar ends: the physical movement and dynamism of the Gloria as opposed to the meditative atmosphere of the Agnus Dei. Both are human.


”I have composed several Masses, because I believe that the message of the text is universal, and all people of good intention can translate the words into their own religion and language, since it is about peace and love.”

György Orbán

Atelier conductor:
Zsuzsanna GRÁF Short bio
Length: 6 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Thursday 30 July
Category: girls
Age: 12-20
Accompaniment: piano