B16 Vesperae Russica
Status: Full
Aleksei PETROV (RU)

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DRESS CODE: Anything appropriate for the Cathedral. The conductor will be in a dark blue men's suit. :)



Music scores are available for ordering/downloading at the following page on the website of Editio Music Budapest:


  • Maksym Berezovsky: Do Not Reject Me in Times of Old Age – 3rd and 4th movement
  • Sergei Rachmaninov: The All-Night Vigil, Op. 37 – №6. Rejoice, O Virginand №13. Troparion. Today Salvation is Come (Znamenniy Chant)
  • Georgiy Sviridov: Trisagion – №2 from Unuttered Miracle (Hymns and Prayers)
  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky: To Thee We Sing (after the exclamation Thine Own of Thine Own) – №10 from The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Op. 41
  • Pavel Chesnokov: Beneath Thy Mercy, We Take Refuge, Op. 43 No. 5
  • Alexander Kastalsky: Christ Is Risen (Easter Hymn)





Official Academy site (in Russian, but with historical photos, video and audio recordings):



A warm candlelight reflected in gold... Darkened faces of icons... Magic smell of incense... Ancient prayers chanting by bearded elders in majestic robes... The atmosphere of Oriental Christianity is still preserved in Russian Orthodox Church in its original view. Why is this so attractive for millions of contemporary people in Russia? Does a mysterious Russian soul really exist? What is it then?

The sacred music of Russian Orthodox Church can give its own answer. This answer does not need a special knowledge or a help of a translator to understand. It is possible to hear it not only with the ears, but with the heart and hereby to find something very inmost and true, something that binds a human soul with God.

In our 4-day a cappella trip we will try to penetrate deep into the Russian Church music tradition and to step on the ways that have formed crossroads of divine beauty and sublime religious feelings for ages. The list of composer names embracing three centuries from the 18th to the 20th century will include M. Berezovsky, P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninov, G. Sviridov and others.


"I think this workshop will be interesting for those who love church a cappella singing and who seeks in church music something more than just notes, even beautifully written. We'll try to talk a little about important humanistic ideas general for all directions of Christianity and to find our common spiritual roots through the performing of this music. My believe is that music, especially religious music, is one of the right ways given us by God for establishment of peace and communication between people."

/Aleksei PETROV/

Atelier conductor:
Aleksei PETROV Short bio
Length: 4b
Start date of atelier: Wednesday 29 July
final performance: Saturday 01 August
Category: mixed
Age: open