B14 Masters and Students
Status: Only few places left
Tomislav FAČINI (HR)
Assistant: Cho Eun Hye (KP)

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  • Liszt Ferenc: Kyrie – from Missa Choralis
  • Joseph Haydn: Gloria – from Kleine Orgelmesse
  • Joseph Haydn: Credo – from Kleine Orgelmesse
  • Johann Georg Lickl: Sanctus – from Requiem
  • Antonio Salieri: Benedictus – from Requiem
  • Johann Georg Lickl: Hosanna – from Requiem
  • Joseph Haydn: Agnus Dei – from Nelson messe


A new mass has been assembled especially for EC in Pécs 2015, made up of the very best sections of the four authors, binded by the teacher and pupil relation: Haydn and Salieri as the old masters, and Lickl&Liszt as students that became masters in their own time. A jewel of Mr. Virtuoso Liszt's commonly less known sacred and vocal output, Kyrie from Missa choralis, is a wonderfully achieved piece of great expression, simplicity and fantasy; Salieri, still unjustly related to the bad guy image from Forman's film Amadeus, and the icon of classicism in Pécs, Lickl, are represented with their most striking choral depictions, Sanctus and Benedictus from their Requiems; while Papa Haydn holds a very special place with his witty blitzkrieg Gloria and Credo (gone in 240 seconds) from Die kleine Orgelmesse, and Agnus Dei from the Nelson-Messe, a worthy dessert for our Mass-Menu.

"Doesn't each one of us have his own favourite Kyrie, or Dies irae, or Benedictus setting? Is there anyone who has not yet dreamt of carving the perfect Mass out of the most-beloved Oratory repertoire? Now the scissors are unleashed! Experience the shimmering moods of a Mass, assembled from the chain that binds together Masters Salieri &Haydn and their Students Liszt&Lickl, and be its missing link!"

/Tomislav Fačini/ 

Atelier conductor:
Tomislav FAČINI Short bio
Assistant: Cho Eun Hye (KP)
Length: 7 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Friday 31 July
Category: mixed
Age: open
Accompaniment: orchestra