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Jonathan RATHBONE (UK)

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During this atelier the arrangements will actually be created. The participants will be involved in every aspect of that creation. Jonathan Rathbone, who has created numerous choral arrangements for choirs at all levels, will guide the group through the process. Because of this spontaneity, the music will fit exactly the voices we have. So if we have a lot of altos, there may be two alto parts, or for some very high sopranos we may have a descant in certain places. We may have some very low basses, we may blend better on "oo" rather than "ah" and so on. All these can be written for. Perhaps we will have some good improvisors, some great soloists, other talents we can call on… It won't be necessary to have ever arranged anything before, or even to read music. In fact all we need are singers who are interested in the process and who have at some stage in their singing thought to themselves "I wonder what it would sound like if we sang…?". 


"Have you ever been singing an arrangement and felt you could think of a better harmony line? Have you ever felt you should be "oo-ing" rather than "ah-ing"? Have you ever thought 'this arrangement needs a key-change here'? Have you ever thought 'this harmony line just doesn't feel right'? Well now is your chance to say all these things and more! You will be the singer AND arranger in this atelier."

/Jonathan RATHBONE/

Atelier conductor:
Jonathan RATHBONE Short bio
Length: 6 days
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Thursday 30 July
Category: mixed youth
Age: 16-27