B4 Golden Jerusalem
Status: Cancelled
Naomi FARAN (IL)

The sounds of the  Holy land where the Bible originates from, including folklore, secular and sacred compositions relating to Israel. The Israeli and Jewish music is influenced by the special  cultural mixture of the population in Israel. The Repertoire will include Spanish and European motives , Ladino –(the Spanish-Jewish dialect spoken by Sephardic Jews), Ethnic Arabic and Yemen music, Ethiopian influences and more.


REPERTOIRE – a list of pieces (not final yet!) from which the final repertoire of the atelier will be chosen

  1. Naomi Shemer: Jerusalem of Gold, arr. by Gil Aldema
  2. Idan Reichel: Mi'maa'makim, arr. by Ido Kagan
  3. Avre Tu – Ladino folksong, arr. by Gil Aldema
  4. Adinu – Sufi Arabic melody, arr. by Shireen Abu-Khader and Andre de Quadros
  5. New composition



Atelier conductor:
Naomi FARAN Short bio
Length: 4a
Start date of atelier: Saturday 25 July
final performance: Tuesday 28 July
Category: female
Age: open
Commissioned piece: Eyal Bat (IL)