July 25. Saturday
Széchenyi Square
PÉCS WELCOMES EUROPA CANTAT: Szélkiáltó (HU), Zengő Ensemble, Mecsek Folk Dance Ensemble
OFF ProgrammeCrossover

Szélkiáltó: Szélkiáltó is one of the most important representatives of Hungarian musical groups which perform musical arrangements for poems. The ensemble was founded 41 years ago, in 1974. Folk music, classical music and jazz mingle in their style and their repertoire is played on acoustic instruments with high quality vocal accompaniment. The group has performed at more than 3000 concerts and recorded 17 CDs, furthermore they have made 5 films of their own on TV. Their professional career has been enriched also by theatre music and international concert tours. The members of Szélkiáltó are Béla Fenyvesi, Tamás Lakner and Tamás Rozs.

Zengő: ensemble aims to perform genuine folk music and adapt it to the modern sound. It was founded in 1983 and since then they have appeared in a number of radio and TV programmes and released 6 CDs. The ensemble has performed on national and international stages in 18 countries around the world.

Mecsek: It is a great pleasure for both dancers and musicians to present the folk music and dances of our region, Baranya county. The dances of various villages in Baranya county appear on stage with dancers in colourful folk costumes, accompanied by folk music which Zoltán Kodály collected in the region.