July 27. Monday
Pirogránit Court 37 Zsolnay Vilmos Street, Pécs, 7630.
The Big Tamburitza Orchestra of the RTV (RS), Folk-Dance Ensemble VILA (RS)
Window to Our Neighbours

Tamburitza: On the first day of their broadcasts, 29.11.1949. year, Radio Novi Sad founded the little band orchestra under the direction of Slavko Subotin. Thanks to the tradition, the Radio Novi Sad in 1957 was obligated to establish a representative Big orchestra. The task realizes composer Sava Vukosavljev. It occurs for the first time in the Yugoslav broadcasting, professional tamburitza orchestra. This ensemble has gained popularity thanks to radio and television programs, numerous concerts at home and abroad (Europe, Africa, America). Epoch of the Sava Vukosavljev lasted until the early 80-ies of the last century, and at that time were distinguished soloists like Matija Petrovic Macíka, Janika Balaz, Josim Familić Tosa, Cveta Sladic Cica and others. By engaging young composer Mr. Zoran Mulić at 1984, began raising the orchestra to a higher level of musicianship. Mulić, in the repertoire of the orchestra, in addition to the folk music and compositions written for tamburitza orchestras, includes transcription of the largest world's musical heritage. Great tamburitza orchestra is the guard of tradition in this area but at the same time follows the trends of modern music of today.

VILA: Folk Dance Ensemble VILA, Novi Sad is a well-known folk dance ensemble of the Cultural Artistic Society „Železničar“ from Novi Sad. It was founded in 1934. and today has more than 500 members, most of them young people, music amateurs and students of the Music Conservatories. Their repertoire consists of the Serbian folk dances, songs and customs from all the regions where Serbs live or used to live. The traditional dances from other nationalities living in Serbia are also included in their repertoire. A Tamburitza orchestra and Ethnophilharmonia are parts of this ensemble. They won many international prizes and performed in almost all European countries and Canada. The artistic leader is Milorad Lonić, a renowned ethno-choreographer.