July 27. Monday
Dóm Square Dóm Square
Hearts in Harmony: Come Closer to Each Other
OFF Programme

Hearts in Harmony

Conductor: Miodrag Misa Blizanac

The mixed inclusive choir ISON has been on scene from 2004. It was founded as a school section in Milan Petrovic school for primary and secondary education for disabled children in Novi Sad. Working under the slogan “Music connects us all” and music therapy, the choir has achieved great success in sensitizing people to accept people with disabilities, both at individual and in the wider community. The repertoire of the choir consists of ethno, sacred and popular songs. They have been through hundreds of concerts, public performances, humanitarian actions and visits. The singers have travelled across Serbia and further – Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia. The singers are proud of their success and they use every opportunity to promote the most beautiful elements of Serbian culture, tradition and education. Since 2011 the choir ISON has been organizing the Hearts-in-Harmony inclusive music festival in Novi Sad.