July 27. Monday
Kodály Centre 4 Marcell Breuer Walkway, Pécs, 7622.
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The Choir of the Radio-television of Serbia with support act by The Accordeon Orchestra
Invited Choir ConcertWindow to Our Neighbours

Serbian Radio Choir: The leading professional choir from Serbia. It has been performing at the most important domestic and European music festivals. Some of the prestigeous performances were the Brittn’s War Requiem with Mstislav Rostropovič (Rome, 1987) and Wagner’s Parsifal with Gustav Kun (Napoli, 1987). Founded in 1937, the famous Serbian and Yugoslav conductors leaded this enssemble: Borivoje Simić, Mladen Jagušt, Vladimir Kranjčević and Bojan Suđić for the last three decades. During the past season the Choir has performed the most important works by Bach, Schnittke, Marten, Pulanc, Bernstain, Stravinski and Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac.

Accordeon: After more than 60 years of tradition, on the path of creating and preserving the friendship and true artistic and spiritual values, this orchestra stillaims for the genuine and lively performances of their repertoire. A good balance and sound quality, playfulness and technical perfection, all for the purpose of a unique music experience, are recognizable in their performance. Members play the whole concerts by heart, thus creating the best possible contact with their conductor. They follow his every movement and mimics, breathing like parts of a single body. Performing the transcriptions of popular pieces of classical music, as well as the original compositions of contemporary composers, they bring the accordeon to concert halls.