July 29. Wednesday
Pirogránit Court 37 Zsolnay Vilmos Street, Pécs, 7630.
Klapa Munita (HR), The “Gaj” Culture And Arts Association’s Tamburica Orchestra (HR), Tanac Folk Dance Group (HU)
Window to Our NeighboursCrossover

Klapa Munita: Klapa Munita from Zadar was founded in 2013. There are five singers in the klapa, representing their music preference that could be summed in three words: authenticity, harmony and love. All the members are singers with long term experience in different klapas. Klapa Munita doesn’t have an artistic director. The only direction in searching for their music identity, Munita finds in the model of unrestrained and genuine klapa singing.

Tamburica: Tamburica Orchestra CAA “Gaj” was founded by Ljudevit Adamek in Zagreb 1986./87. Since that time, Orchestra has held numerous successful concerts and won awards in Croatia and abroad earning a reputation of an outstanding orchestra with a well-defined repertoire. Since 2009 the orchestra has been led by Krešimir Račić.