July 27. Monday
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Torch-lit sightseeing guided tour

Meeting point: Szécheny square

Route: Szécheny square - Káptalan street - Dóm square –  Janu Pannonius street - Széchenyi square

Price: 950 Ft/preson

Information: Tourinform Office, Pécs, 7 Széchenyi Square Tel: 72/213-315, 72/511-232, E-mail:


Pleasant 1-1,5 hour evening walk in the downtown of Pécs along the main tourist attractions:

The guided tour starts on Széchenyi square where the participants get a torch.

In the first part of the tour the participants get acquainted with the sights of Széchenyi square. At the corner of the square once stood the well of Kádi where now a drinking-fountain can be found. The gargoyles of the fountain are eosin-coated ox heads which were made in the Zsolnay Manufacture. Towards the northern part of the square first the City Hall then the County Hall can be seen. The city’s most emblematic building is the Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kasim which tells stories about the Turkish occupation. On the left side of the Mosque stands a bell tower which commemorates Bishop of St. Bartholomew who died a martyr. The 17 metres high tower sculpture rises three times a day while playing music. At the end of Káptalan street through the glass roof of the multi-storey Cella Septichora we can have a look into the world of Roman cemeteries. The remains of the building hide burial chambers with painted walls. The tour continues on the Dóm square and takes a walk around the Catherdral which is one of the most famous sights in the city. The medieval city walls hide the walls of the first university of Hungary founded in 1367. We take a walk with the torches on the promenade of the city wall where the first university students could walk. Touching the Sétatér across the Janus Pannonius street we take a short break next to the Lovepadlocks then continue our tour back to the Széchenyi square where it ends.