July 30. Thursday
Nagy Lajos High School's Big Hall 11 Szechenyi Square Pécs, 7621.
Tenso Europe Chamber Choir: Open Rehearsal on commissioned piece by Georgi Sztojanov (HU) (in cooperation with Tenso Network Europe)
Invited Choir ConcertOFF ProgrammeWorld Premiere

Tenso Europe Chamber Choir is an initiative of Tenso Network Europe. The choir brings together Europe’s most talented young professional singers for a summer project of coaching and performances. Website:

Open Rehearsal

Georgi Sztojanov’s (1985-) new piece was commissioned by Europa Cantat XIX Pécs 2015 for the atelier “Grotescus Musicus”. The atelier will unfortunately not take place in the end, but Tenso Europe Chamber Choir has undertaken to learn and perform the piece at the festival. Come and join their open rehearsal, where you can experience how a choir tackles a score that starts like this: “Conductor gives a note C before he starts conducting. On his downbeat all singers run in diverse directions, vocalizing up and down, from loudest to soft, changing their vowels gradually from [Ah] to [Ooh] and then to a diphtongue between these two (as in when in pain). Only tenor soloist stays on his spot (preferably somewhere in the middle).” It is indeed a “Suite grotesque pour choeur sur le texte de Arthur Rimbaud”.