August 01. Saturday
E78 37 Vilmos Zsolnay Street, Pécs, 7630.
A8 Sounding Computers, B6 Mysteries, B8 You Got Rhythm! - Use Your Body and Voice
Atelier Final ConcertCrossoverWorld Premiere

A8: There is an exciting world out there full of new sounds: that of computers, smart-phones, games! This atelier delves into the sounds and melodies of sound logos and famous computer games. We will embark on a journey to recreate these sounds and melodies through the use of the voice! Let’s go digital!

B6: Magic has always dwelt amongst us. We turn to nature in search of answers. Our innermost selves are full of rites, ceremonies and superstitions. The atelier shall tackle composers who have been captivated by this disconcerting window to the unknown – such as Mellnäs, Rautavaara, Tormis and others.

B8: Dive into the extraordinary world of percussive choral compositions: speech music, vocal and body percussion, sound imitations, sung and spoken repertoire – all with a whole lot of movement. It is time to go dum dum tak!

World Premiere: Markus Detterbeck (DE) for A8, Franziska Gohl (CH) for B8, David Azurza (ES, Basque) for B6