July 29. Wednesday
Széchenyi Square
Jazzva (SI), Jazzation (HU): JAZZ VAriATIONs (short concert)
Invited Choir ConcertWindow to Our Neighbours

Jazzva: Jazzva loves to play with different sound colours and tries to find its own special relationship with every song they perform. The singers are always looking for a unique musical expression, distinctive sound and attitude.  Jazzva’s repertoire consists of many different genres; from pop, rock and jazz to arrangements of folk songs and many more.

Jazzation: Jazzation was born in 2005 to be a true ambassador of Hungarian culture when abroad, popularizing the acappella genre when at home. The ensemble won 3 international contests in the past 3 years: Vokal Total in Graz, 2013; Winter Vocal Festival in Pinerolo, 2014; and Leipzig International Acappella Contest in 2015. Jazz Lovers, their concert is the place to be!