July 29. Wednesday
Kodály Centre 4 Marcell Breuer Walkway, Pécs, 7622.
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Eesti Noorte Segakoor (EE), Swedish Youth Choir (SE)
National Youth Choir concert

Eesti Noorte Segakoor: The Estonian Youth Mixed Choir (EYMC) was founded in 1998 by conductors Taavi Esko and Kadri Leppoja who in co-operation with a vocal teacher Leelo Talvik. They were the heart and soul of the choir for 15 years and in 2014 Peeter Perens took over as head conductor and Inta Roost as assistant choirmaster. The first rehearsals with the new singers were held in March.
There are about 40 singers aged 15-25 from allover Estonia. Since the choir is composed of singers from everywhere it operates as a project choir having rehearsals approximately once every 2 months. The repertoire consists of Estonian choir classics and newcomers.
In 1999 EYMC won the first prize and the golden diploma in the category of folk songs in Italy at the Riva del Garda; the first prize in the youth choir festival in Veldhoven, Holland in 2004. In September 2007 the choir participated in the IX Barcelona International Folk Song Competition „Europe and Its Songs“. In the category of big mixed choirs EYMC achieved the first place and also won the overall Grand Prix. EYMC has also took part of Europa Cantats in 2009 in Utrecht and in 2012 in Torino.
Over the last ten years the choir has worked with Eri Klas, Kari-Ala Pöllönen and many other conductors.

Swedish Youth Choir: 
Swedish Youth Choir (in Swedish: Sveriges Ungdomskör -SVUK) is founded and managed by the Swedish youth choral association: UNGiKÖR. The choir has 24 members- ambitious singers aged 16-25 years from all over the country.

Swedish Youth Choir is constructed on the idea that Sweden –in the same way as in most other countries Europa, and around the world, it should be a national Youth Choir of high artistic level.  The Swedish Youth Choir gathered for the first time in January 2011 and has met on regular basis somewhere in Sweden since then. SYC has toured to Stockholm, Falun, Kristianstad, Kalmar, Borlänge, Visby, Gothenburg and Örebro. Visiting Europa Cantat festival in Pesc, Hungary is the first time the choir goes abroad together.

The conductors of the choir are contracted in projects that last for about 2-3 years. 2011-2012 Karin Oldgren and Christoffer Holgersson, 2013- 2015 Fredrik Winberg. New conductor from autumn 2015 will be Cecilia Martin Lööf.

Swedish Youth Choir has a mixed repertoire in different styles and from several eras but it is always a certain focus on Nordic traditional and contemporary music.

Our vision

We would like The Swedish Youth Choir to be:

∙ a young important factor over time in the arena of Swedens Choral Life

∙ a musical meeting place for young, ambitious singers from all over Sweden

∙ an artistic frontline and incentive, for upcoming young, ambitious singers from all over Sweden. ∙ a well operating representative in international contexts, and an ambassador for a living Swedish Choral tradition

Contact  Swedish Youth Choir

More information (sorry only in Swedich) on UNGiKÖR:s website or on Facebook Sveriges Ungdomskör

Please contact
Lotta Wilund telefon: 0708-639939 eller for further information.

Swedish Youth Choir is founded 2011 by UNGiKÖR. It has 24 ambitious singers aged 16-25 years from all over Sweden on a high artistic level. SYC has met on regular basis somewhere in Sweden since then. Conductor is Fredrik Winberg. Europa Cantat festival in Pesc is the first time the choir goes abroad.