July 26. Sunday
Dóm Square Dóm Square
Night of Choirs
Unique experience

Location: City centre of Pécs

All those who visited the Palace District of Budapest at the Night of Choirs since 2013 had the chance to be enchanted by something unique. This year, thanks to the invitation of Europa Cantat, the Night of Choirs will arrive at the beautiful city of Pécs. For one night choirs from many countries will transform the streets and historical ruins of Pécs into concert halls. Filling them up with music, spreading our mission with the belief that these spaces are eager to be filled with the sound of singing. The program starts at 7.30pm, July 26th, and wraps at 11 pm.


  • Church ruins behind the Cathedral
  • Cella Septichora
  • Shaár street
  • Vasarely museum
  • Courtyard of Csontváry Museum
  • Nick Udvar
  • Hild udvar
  • Barbakán 
  • Cathedral 
  • Civil Community Centre
  • Mosque

To download the full programme click here and you can also have a look at the Night of Choirs map!